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Summer Nights

Actualizată în: 2 mai 2020

There was me,

Dancing in the rain

With nothing to lose,

Nothing to gain,

Dreaming in the sun,

For the days that are to come.

Painting my hopes,

Hiding my tears,

With a smile

I've put over the years.

I’ve traveled a long way,

I love to fight,

I don't obey,

I have faith,

I used to pray,

I am stubborn they might say

In the night, I wait to hear

the stars singing in my ear...

There was you,

Mysterious and tall,

Somehow old,

Maybe blue,

But a sight I never knew.

Passionate and wise,

A gentle soul in his disguise,

You were smart, polite, and strong,

A kind stranger all along.

Your eyes dreamed upon stars

In the mist of old cigars...

Stories of sun, battles, and tears

Love, strangers, and fears

Are running in your mind, my dear,

Keeping your heart unclear.

In the spark of yesterday

Something changed,

All was new,

There was me

And here were you.

In the summer, with the sun

Our journey had begun...

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