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Stardust and sun-flowers

Actualizată în: 24 apr. 2020

Or the story of how the Earth Princess met Star Girl

There are days that are passing fast, the sun is rising and so it begins: you have projects to finish, food to cook, people to see and places to be. But there are some days you will love. There will be days, rainy or sunny, long or short, when you can enjoy your hot coffee, read from your favorite book, listen to a good old song and catch up with that friend you love and missed so much.

So, my dear friend, this is one of those days I love so much. I am sitting in a comfortable chair, outside is raining, I have a cup of dark hot chocolate sitting on my desk, and I am about to tell you how it all began, the story about the curious friendship between Princess of Earth and Star Girl.


She was a child of the moon and a daughter of the stars. She was tall and fair, her eyes were blue and her skin was white. She was born far away, in another galaxy, on a tiny blue planet, millions of light years apart from our planet, Earth. One day, she was entrusted with a mission. She was told she must leave her dear home right away, and go to a far away planet, to help her people with a project; but the details of this project we will find out only later, in the story.

So she left, eager to start her work, but she was in such a hurry, that before she arrived, she stumbled upon a black, stormy cloud and fell from the sky. She fell hard, far away from the place she wanted to land. When she woke up she was confused as she found herself in a strange new country she didn’t knew. She was frustrated and blamed herself for not being more careful, but she couldn't change anything right now even though she wished. She already felt from the sky, miles away from the place she was supposed to be, so the best and only thing she could do is gather all her energy and focus in finding a way to get there. She found herself a name that she could trade in this world, an identity and a house. She went to school and tried her best to fit and adapt to this beautiful new world, yet peculiar, strange and very hard for her to understand. She knew what her mission was, and more then anything, she knew that if she wanted to fulfill that mission she had to find her people first, the Star People, scattered all over this strange planet.

I would lie to you if I would say it was easy. She missed her home, so much that she often found herself crying in the middle of the night, wishing from the bottom of her heart that she could return home and be with her family. She cried and cried, longing for the ones she loved, and sometimes, just sometimes, when the night was dark, and the sky was clear, she could see the stars shining above her, hearing them whispering softly in her ear words of love and grace. They would encourage her and tell her that she must be strong, promise they will always watch over her, guide her and be there for her, waiting patiently for her return when the time is right. Star Girl knew all of that, and even though is was hard, she knew the time hasn't arrived yet her to go home for she had something very important to do.

Years passed by and Star Girl slowly began to forget, first, her real name and then, her mission, the reason why she came here, and after 21 years she couldn’t remember anything the stars told her before she started her journey. But even though she couldn't remember, she could feel that something is missing, so, every once in a while, when the night was young, she would go outside and greet the starts as soon as they made their appearance. She would look at them, how peacefully they were shinning in the night, gazing and dreaming right before she went to sleep. Sometimes while she was stargazing, she would hear a voice, coming softly from her chest, like the stars were whispering to her. " It cannot be, I must be dreaming or be really tired, my mind is playing tricks again. You're not a child anymore, Ayara! When would you grow up, act normal and just stop believing in these non-sense fairy tales and long-lasting dreams you are indulging yourself with? " she would often tell herself and then go to bed and sleep. But no matter how hard she tried, she never managed to get rid of this strange, annoying feeling, that she always carried with her, the feeling that she needs to find someone.

The truth is Star Girl loved this planet, but much more she loved the people on it. Yes, she didn’t understand them all the time, but she couldn't help but see so much potential in them, and she just loved they way their eyes were sparkling when they were happy or in love. She cared so much about these mundanes that she decided she will dedicate her life to help them. She decided to go to Medical School and learn how to be a physician, a doctor. But that was far easier said then done.

One day, Star Girl took a road trip, along with her friends. She wanted to see the mountains, for she always felt closer closer to the stars when she was on top of the mountain. She loved the way her restless mind would find some peace and quite and she could breath into the beauty of stillness when she wandered the forests of the mountains. But the way to the mountain was long, even though they were travelling by car, so they decided to take a break and rest for a while. It was a hot, warm day and near the place where they parked the car, you could see a big, beautiful poppy field. The red flowers were dancing with the wind, underneath the warming light of the sun. Star girl looked towards the poppy field and a quiet feeling appeared in her heart, she felt drawn to it, like she could feel a silent mermaid song, coming from that place. Before she could think it through, Star Girl found herself already on the path towards the poppy field.

" How lovely" , Star Girl thought, " These flowers were meant to be loved and admired. It's like they call for the light of the sun to shine over them, and their color it's falling into the green of grass like a red wave of a dreams I long to remember."

As she was exploring the endless field of poppies, she could see a figure, a small human shape far away, moving and dancing into the sun. Her legs start moving quickly towards the strange figure, as she felt that she was no longer in control of her own body. Soon enough she could see the silhouette more clearly and, surprisingly it was moving towards her as well. They meet half way, stopped and looked at each other. Star Girl was fascinated, analyzing the stranger in front of her : her feet were kissing the earth, her green eyes were telling stories of long lost lands, about the earth and forest, the trees and the mountains, her olive skin was glowing beautifully in the warmth of the sun, she had flowers in her hair and a fire in her soul. Even though they just met, Star Girl knew on that instant just who this girl was : a Princess of planet Earth.

“I didn’t know there was someone else here” said the Princess of Earth, speaking with a clear and gentle voice, “I wanted to pick up some poppies for my mom; You see, she really loves them. My name is Maelie, nice to meet you.”

" I’m Ayara" replied Star Girl

" Ayara " repeated quietly Maelie, while she was starring right into Ayara's eyes and revealing a large, beautiful smile ; "I feel like I've meet you before. It's strange, I know, but do we know each other by any chance?”

"I know we do, but I just can’t remember where from." Ayara paused for a moment and then continued with joy in her voice "I am here with some friends of mine, our car is parked not far from here and we are actually on our way to the mountains to see the stars"

"Oh, how I miss the mountains" said Maelie, " It’s the best place if you want to gather some herbs to make yourself a really good cup of tea , and also there you can find some of the most beautiful flowers you've ever seen”.

Star Girl looked at Maelie, fascinated and intrigued by the little fairy-like person standing in front of her, and although she found it strange, she felt like she knew her for a long time, like she could tell her just about anything, even the things she was always kept hidden from the mundanes. Then, Star Girl said the words that were going to change her whole life even though she didn’t knew at that time."Do you want to come with us too? There is an extra place in the car anyway". Ayara’s face sparked with joy “ Of course,but first, let me run to my house to put this flowers in a vase and some shoes on.”


Although it took a really long time before they realized who they were to each other, their friendship is lasting until this very moment and the stories about their adventures are yet to be written. I will tell you more, but now it’s late and I have to go. It was wonderful to catch up with you!

Until next time, dear friend.

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