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Actualizată în: 2 mai 2020

A year passed since I've met her, Maelie. She is different, like me, of that I am certain, but I just can’t put my finger on how is she different.

Who is she and what is she exactly? I can feel her heart so heavy sometimes, full of secrets and mysteries and I don’t think she will trust me anytime soon.

I remember the day we met as it was only yesterday;

She had flowers in her hair and the moon deeply crested in her heart. Her eyes, like the emerald gold, told me her people belonged to a different Sun then mine.

She was born to wander this Earth, and wherever her path will take her, she will never find herself to be lost, for she is always home.

Her soul is as ancient as the time himself, yet she is young and pure, wild and free, tender, kind and gentle but as tenacious as a stallion, as agile as a lioness that would face whatever life decides to throw at her.

She was born to be loved and admired, but never possessed, for she founds herself in the freedom of the road, in the woods of a lonely mountain, in the secrets of the deep blue ocean.

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