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Flori din Stele

I am a girl who grew up loving stories, art, nature, and more then anything, stars. I loved stars with all my heart, and I was fascinated by them.

This blog was born from my need to write somewhere, to put down the stories that were rambling through my mind.

At first, two years ago, I started this blog under the name “Tales and travels of a mundane Stargirl” and I was writing about a girl, who came from the Stars, from another Galaxy, to our Earth. 

After some time, I decided to upgrade my initial idea, and make this blog a place where I can freely express myself, where I can share my stories as well as my art. A place I can call it my own.

Here you can find stories and poetry, some of them Romanian and some of them in English ( the ones that are in English are pages from Star Girl’s own personal diary ), photos, drawings, sketches and sometimes, when I fell brave, some paintings too.


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